Garage Floor FAQ

Aurora Concrete uses rebar to reinforce the garage floors we install giving it superior strength and durability. A smooth troweled finish is usually desired for garages because it is easier to keep clean and it also hardens the top finish of the floor helping it last for many years to come.

We can replace the floors of garages that are attached to the home, however, floors of detached garages provide too much structural integrity. This leaves too much risk that replacing the floor could result in the structure failing. If the detached garage is being torn down and rebuilt, we can provide a quote for the garage floor in this scenario.

Garage Floor Q&A

How long is the construction process for my garage floor?
– Demolition will occur on Day 1. The concrete crew will return 1-3 days later to pour the concrete. Please keep in mind that concrete pouring is weather dependent and we cannot pour concrete in the rain, this may result in a delay.

How soon after installation can I use my garage?
– Please wait a minimum of 24 hours before walking on the new concrete. After 14 days, you can start using the garage as you normally would.


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