Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete Sidewalk Installers

Concrete sidewalk installers can give you a hand by providing the highest quality and best options necessary for the repair or replacement of sidewalks on your property. We use high-quality materials and extensive hands-on experience in the industry to create concrete sidewalks that will look great and stand up to heavy traffic and severe weather conditions for years.

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Concrete Sidewalk Contractors - Professional Installation

Walkways and sidewalks are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. When the soil supporting the concrete becomes weak, the concrete can crack and sink. There are many things that can create a void beneath the slab, such as erosion from rainwater or gutter runoff, or a tree root that has rotted over time. Dirt fill underneath the slab that has not been well compacted can also create voids beneath the concrete. Regardless of what’s caused your sidewalk to sink, we can fix it!

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Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete Sidewalk
Replacement & Installation

At Aurora Concrete we treat each job with precision and attention to detail, while working within your time frame and your budget. Our worksites are safe, professional, and cleaned after the job is complete. We excavate and prepare your site before pouring concrete, and treat your project as if it were on our own property.

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