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As a leading concrete apron contractor in Minnesota, we have a deep understanding of the importance of high-quality concrete aprons. Concrete aprons are essential when changes in concrete grade are required. You may have noticed the gradual “sinking” at the top of your driveway, where your garage meets the street, or where a sidewalk smoothly transitions to the road. These unassuming features are known as concrete aprons, and their purpose is to enhance the accessibility and safety of your pavement for both pedestrians and drivers. We take great pride in our work because we recognize that it’s not solely about the concrete itself – it’s about improving your daily life, ensuring your peace of mind, and creating a secure and inviting environment for you and your family.

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Aurora's Concrete Aprons:
A Smooth Transition

Imagine this: as you drive into a parking lot or approach your driveway, there’s a noticeable absence of a concrete apron. The pavement rises above the road, potentially posing a threat to your tires. And if you happen to drive a low-profile vehicle, it could even risk coming into contact with the concrete, leading to possible damage.

That’s where Aurora Asphalt & Concrete steps in to assist. We not only ensure a safe transition between varying pavement levels but also bring a sense of professionalism and contemporary style to your home or business. Whether integrated during initial concrete installation or added later, our concrete aprons seamlessly merge with your existing surroundings, offering both practicality and an elegant appearance. It’s like a natural extension of your concrete landscape, preserving your tires and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your property. At Aurora, we’re here to make sure your journey is smooth and your property stands out.

Concrete Apron


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Concrete Apron

The Aurora Difference:
Concrete Aprons for Safety and Savings

Concrete aprons, often situated in front of garage doors and serving as smooth transitions between different concrete levels, quietly ensure safety and convenience. These unassuming additions make walkways and driveways secure for both people and vehicles. When you require concrete apron installation services to manage transitions between concrete grades, Aurora Asphalt & Concrete is here to assist. We bring a dedication to quality and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that your property not only gains a dependable pathway but also respects your budget. Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your daily routines are supported by a reliable and affordable solution.

If you’re ready to take the step towards enhanced safety, superior quality, and mindful cost-efficiency, connect with our dedicated team of concrete apron contractors at 763-493-2976 . Request your complimentary estimate today, and together, we’ll build a foundation that assures not only security but also financial peace of mind.

What Is a Concrete Apron?

If your asking yourself what a concrete apron is, it would be the first 2-6 feet of concrete between your garage floor and the driveway.

This area is often asphalt and is sunk well below the garage floor. An apron is especially necessary if your apron has sunk and you can see the block under the garage floor. 

  • Measurements are taken and a cut, 2-6 feet out, is made across the driveway and the asphalt or concrete is removed.
  • All the block is filled and the subgrade is raised back to the original level with recycled crushed concrete.
  • The subgrade is then compacted with a double drum vibratory roller and/or vibratory plate.
  • Steel rebar is placed in the apron
  • Forms are set up around the area to be poured
  • Concrete is then delivered from a redi-mix plant and 4″ of 4500 PSI concrete is poured into the forms
  • Finishing tools are used to smooth and level the concrete
  • Control cuts/relief joints are placed in the concrete
  • A no-slip, brush finish is left on the surface
  • An application of cure & seal is applied to concrete

After completing your new apron, you will have a smooth transition from driveway to garage.