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As one of the top concrete apron contractors Minnesota has to offer, we understand the importance of good quality concrete aprons. Concrete aprons are necessary when concrete needs to change grade. You have probably noticed the “sinking” at the top of your driveway, garage, or where a sidewalk meets the street. These are all concrete aprons and they make the pavement easier and safer to walk on and drive on.

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Just imagine driving into a parking lot or driveway where there is no concrete apron and the parking lot or driveway is higher than the roadway. That could wreak havoc on tires and even damage them. In fact, there are some vehicles that are very low profile, so they could make contact with the concrete and sustain damage.

In addition to ensuring safe passage from one grade of pavement to another, concrete aprons also bring a professional and modern look to your home or business. Concrete aprons bring both aesthetic appeal and functionality whenever they are installed. They simply look natural to the concrete, whether they are installed the time the concrete slabs are installed or sometime after.

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Concrete Apron Installation - Enhanced Safety

Concrete aprons are usually found in front of garage doors and when transitioning from one grade slab to another. This makes walkways and driveways safe for people and vehicles. If you are in need of our concrete apron installation services to help transition from one grade of concrete to another, Aurora Concrete. can install it for you.

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What Is a Concrete Apron?

If your asking yourself what a concrete apron is, it would be the first 2-6 feet of concrete between your garage floor and the driveway.

This area is often asphalt and is sunk well below the garage floor. An apron is especially necessary if your apron has sunk and you can see the block under the garage floor. The process to repair this area permanently is rather simple.

  • Measurements are taken and a cut, 2-6 feet out, is made across the driveway and the asphalt or concrete is removed.
  • All the block is filled and the subgrade is raised back to the original level with recycled crushed concrete.
  • The subgrade is then compacted with a double drum vibratory roller and/or vibratory plate.
  • Steel rebar is placed in the apron
  • Forms are set up around the area to be poured
  • Concrete is then delivered from a redi-mix plant and 4″ of 4500 PSI concrete is poured into the forms
  • Finishing tools are used to smooth and level the concrete
  • Control cuts/relief joints are placed in the concrete
  • A no-slip, brush finish is left on the surface
  • An application of cure & seal is applied to concrete

After completing your new apron, you will have a smooth transition from driveway to garage.