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As one of the top concrete floor contractors in Lee County & Collier County has to offer, we understand the importance of good quality concrete garage floors. Aurora concrete uses rebar to reinforce the garage floors we install giving it even more strength. A smooth troweled finish is usually desired for garages because it is easier to keep clean and it also hardens the top finish of the floor helping it last through many years.

Concrete Garage Floor Contractors - Professional Installation

Placement and replacement of concrete floors can be very different from exterior concrete placement. When placing or replacing a floor a contractor should consider many things such as: what it will be used for, what kind of a base is needed to best suit the usage, type of reinforcement, what kind of finish needed, and what type of coating or hardener may increase the utility of the finish.

Concrete Garage Floor


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Concrete Garage Floor

Concrete Driveway Replacement
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The choice of concrete as the paving material for your driveway is one almost impossible to regret. While your neighbors are enjoying the little bit of money they saved by layering their dirty entryway with gravel, you can enjoy not having to pick tiny little pebbles out from your tire tread on a regular basis. And twenty years from now while your concrete driveway still look barely a few years old, your neighbor on the other side of the street will be forced to endure the sickening smell of asphalt for the second time. When it comes to quality driveway installation, concrete and Aurora Concrete can’t be beat.

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