Concrete Driveways

Aurora Concrete will send out a trained concrete specialist, review your needs and conduct a professional site evaluation.  A proposal will be drawn up and submitted promptly.  Upon acceptance of our proposal, Aurora Concrete will remove your existing driveway or area to be prepared and haul it to an authorized dumping location.  Aurora Concrete then will re-establish 4-6 inches of compacted base material.  We then frame the area to have concrete and set up rebar throughout the entire framed area.  The concrete is then poured 4 inches thick followed by a cure & seal application.  Lastly, the expansion cuts are made.

Life expectancy of new concrete can be well over 20 years.  Aurora Concrete warranty for all concrete work is 3 years & excludes any cracking that might occur, petroleum staining and normal wear and tear.

Many homeowners prefer the look of concrete over asphalt. There are many pros and cons to concrete driveways. The following is just a few of each to consider.


  • Stronger & more durable

  • Able to withstand high temperatures

  • Cooler to the touch during high temperatures

  • Curb appeal

  • Adds more value to the property

  • Virtually maintenance free




  • Can crack during thaw season

  • Won't allow ice and snow to melt as easily on a sunny day

  • Cost can be more than double the cost of asphalt

  • Can show staining from petroleum, gas, etc.


MN Residential Bldg Contractor Lic. #BC698278

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